The Justice Reform Coalition, or JRC, is a not for profit organization of diverse individuals and organizations who have the common goal of creating a better free society by holding those who govern, enforce the laws, and make profits from the citizens of our society accountable, and to empowering our citizens with the knowledge, resources and means to create and maintain that accountability.

The JRC members are active community organizations and advocates deeply concerned with the need for oversight and accountability of our officials. We are open to all citizens and organizations that are concerned with the problems and abuse in our society and interested in working toward an effective and empowering solution to its problems.

 The JRC is based in Sacramento, California. Our concern and scope is for but not limited to all of California.

The JRC was founded in January of 2005 in response to the frustrating lack of follow through by the Sacramento NAACP to the many allegations of abuse in the Sacramento County Jail. It was founded by members of the Sacramento NAACP, who realized there was a need for an independent community based oversight organization that would stand up and take action against the myriad accounts of abuse in our justice system. The JRC is completely independent of the NAACP.

Because of our outspoken work to bring accountability to the Sacramento Sheriff’s department people began coming to us with other issues and our coalition of organizations grew. However, it soon became evident that injustice was not just limited to law enforcement, and so the scope of our advocacy grew to encompass all forms of social injustice.

 The JRC advocates for our rights as citizens and human beings and engages in activities that empower our citizens with the knowledge, resources and means to create and maintain accountability. We have response teams for investigating, gathering and maintaining information on abuse.

Being a coalition of community groups and advocates, the JRC stands ready to act as the eyes and ears of the community, to advocate for its citizens, and to stand as a force for the ultimate change of this system.

 The JRC motto and creed is "Equal Rights and Justice for All".


We help victims of abuse on a case by case basis. We investigate each complaint brought to us and help strategize and conduct a plan to get resolution of the matter. We are geared to working with people handling their own cases, (i.e. Pro Se, and Pro Per). We develop the resources, experience, support, and knowledge to assist and build the confidence of those we help to stand up, such as Court Watchers.

We help those people to know their rights and how to institute and protect them. Sometimes this means just acting as a go between and watch-dog of the legal process, helping the person through the hoops of bureaucracy, and making sure their rights are protected. Helping them with their case filings and understanding legal procedures and their rights under the law. Other times, this means taking the lead on an issue. and bringing the full weight of organized accountability methods to bear to bring about resolutions.

We teach and help individuals, organizations, and communities to effectively organize around issues, working with officials, the media, community members, and other organizations. Our goal is to build and train grassroots leadership and to maintain the resources to hold our officials and the system accountable.

We train attorneys and other legal professionals how to be advocates for the community and work with community groups and members on an equal footing. In the words of one of America’s greatest legal minds and civil rights activists, Charlie Houston, when he explained to another great legal mind, Thurgood Marshall , in the early days of the civil rights movement, why it was so important for them as attorneys, to work with and be a part of the movement for civil rights and equality for all;

“A lawyer who is not a social engineer, is a social parasite.” Charlie Houston, First Dean of Law, Howard University

We advocate for change in laws and policies that negatively impact our life and society. We have a team of legal advisors to assist us, go over our pleadings, and to give direct representation when needed.We stand for the people!!!


Join the JRC.                                                                     

Bring your cause, become a member and make a difference. Become a mentor and teacher in our Grass Roots Organizing Academy (GROA) and help us build leadership for the future.

Join our political action team and help shape the political frontier. Train to be a legal observer and monitor community events, actions, and demonstrations. Become a community investigator. Help to do the critical research and background investigations that make our advocacy strong and vital. Become a Court Watcher, and provide a critical service to help to keep the Courts accountable. When we advocate for you we ask you to volunteer to work with us on someone else’s issue.

Donate to the JRC                                         

Because of the political, financial and other limitations on non-profit organizations, the JRC is not a 501c3 organization. Instead, we are a not for profit organization and have a fiscal agent who can receive donations to us for those wishing a tax write off. We are a not for profit organization, and all donations go towards running the organization and the many projects we have. It goes to help with fees expenses encountered in doing our investigations, publicity, legal fees, and outreach. You can donate by contacting us at donations@justicereformcoalition.org. You can donate for a specific cause and the money will only be spent on that cause.

To become a member email us, members@justicereformcoalition.org

Email jrc@justicereformcoalition.org
Phone 916 893-9793