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Welcome to the Justice Reform Coalition!!!!

Established in 2005, the JRC has been a staunch crusader for the reform of the whole justice system. Working with victims of the system to get them justice in their individual cases, challenging the courts and their officials, standing up to law enforcement, helping citizens to hold officials accountable, working with other progressive organizations, and the training and support of community advocates, has made our past tweve years full. This has made us stronger, more capable and more focussed on our goal of equal rights and justice for all.

We are proud of our advocates and activists and the work they do together. Because that is the JRC. Using our resources, learning, experience, and strength, to be able to stand up and assert our rights together for ourselves and our communities.

Our site, like our organization, is always updating.We are adding content regularly. So keep checking back regularly as there will be new features and news from the front that will make the site more a part of our mission to bring "EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL".



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We decided we needed to start putting out the information we get to the public regularly and let people know what we are doing. We also needed a voice to talk about the injustice we see, and those who perpetrate it.

In it you will find the writings, thoughts, and opinions of the activists and advocates of the JRC and our collaborators. You will also find action updates on current and future projects, activities, and cases of the JRC, as well as our research on various issues we advoate for. It will be archived on our website in the news section. An informed and educated public is the key to making changes. To this we dedicate this publication.

COMING MARCH 2018!!!!!!!!!!




Toward the end of their lives, Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X had come to share the same conclusions about racism in the United States of America; that it was part of a larger system of socio-economic inequality perpetrated by the ultra-conservative, and rightwing, rich and corporate powers to control humanity for their own benefit. Both came to see the struggle of the Black community, as a major part of the struggle to overcome this socio-economic inequality focused on them and used to slowly erode the rights guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, and Bill Of Rights.

the Poor People’s Campaign, led by activist and advocate, Kevin Carter. We will not be denied as we bring, “All Power To The People.”

Join us and make a difference

Machine generated alternative text:                   Unity, Determination Mark Formation of                Northern California Regional Steering Committee!                      Seventy-three justice fighters from across Northern California met in Sacramento on January  A National Call for Moral  Revival. Meeting at the Fruitridge Community Center, the meeting drew activists from  Sacramento, Yolo County, Yuba County, Stockton, Marysville, Humboldt County, San Jose,  S.F Bay Area, Redding, Woodland, Davis and cities and towns across Northern California.    A twenty-five member Regional Steering Committee was formed at the conclusion of an exciting day of  speeches, videos, break-out groups, prayers and solidarity. After an opening Native prayer by  Albert Titman,  Sr.  and  Mike Duncan , reports on the  Four Pillars of the Campaign --Systemic Racism, Poverty,  Militarism/War Economy and Ecological Devastation-- were presented.      and  Mackenzie Wilson  spoke to the millions of Californians barely surviving below  the poverty level and  Desiree Rojas  stressed the impact of the health care crisis on the poor; Veteran  John  Reiger  explained how the massive military budget robs the people of basic human necessities;    powerpoint on ecological devastation addressed the poisoning of our air and water and the disproportionate  impact on the poor and communities of color;  Tyrone Ralph  showed how systemic racism permeates every  aspect of our culture and divides the poor.     State Campaign Co-Chairs  Kenia Alcocer  and  Anthony Prince  presented reports on the National Campaign,  now reaching into 32 states and explained the plans for  40 days of non-violent civil disobedience  at the State  Capitol beginning in May.    Ruth Ibarra   smaller-group workshops on the Four Pillars.  Reverend Ashiya Odeye  reviewed the criteria for joining the  Northern California Steering Committee, and called for volunteers to step forward.    Finally, plans were made for a February 5 gathering at the State Capitol to join simultaneous press conferences
Machine generated alternative text:                            Clockwise from left: Ruth Ibarra (photo by Desiree Rojas); A breakout session discusses the  Four Pillars ; Anthony  Prince; Tyrone Ralph; Kevin  Brother  Carter                              Clockwise from left: Desiree Rojas; Steve Payan; Mackenzie Wilson (Photo by Desiree Rojas);  John Rieger; Kenia Alcocer; Studying the Fundamental Principles; Albert Titman Sr., Mike Duncan    For more information about the Poor People s Campaign, go to:  www.poorpeoplescampaign.org





Do you have "A Dollar For Change"? Just donate $1 to help us with our social justice just onemissions. You can donate more if you want, but we figure anyone can afford a dollar. We'll be passing the jar at all of our events and those that we table at.You can donate as well to our GOFUNDME account online. We are a grassroots organization and we serve grassroots communities as wel. So, keeping in line with the POOR PEOPLE'S CAMPAIGN we've made it so everyone can feel good about donating. Every dollar counts. So donate when and whatever you can.







We are calling for massive reform of CPS or for them to voluntarily close down pending an investigation into their patterns and practices.

The coalition is addressing the egregious actions habitually taken by CPS and the Family Courts for years in taking children from their families without merit and justification, the abuse of children while in the hands of CPS, the murder of numerous children due to CPS failure of oversight and accountability, and much more.

The Justice Reform Coalition’s Executive Director, Rev. Ashiya Odeye’ says: “For far too long, CPS has terrorized numerous families with their kidnapping of children, lying, cheating, false claims of abuse, manufacturing false accusatory documents claiming parental harm towards a child, losing and dis allowing factual documents, accusing parents of negligence and harm towards their children, holding secret collusive meetings with officials prior to an accused parent’s hearing in court, and more.  There is no transparency, no oversight and no accountability throughout this process", said Rev. Odeye’.  "Families and children are at the mercy of these child abusive groups.  CPS was supposed to help families and children, not destroy them. Trafficking in our children for profit and control.”


We have put together a platform with other advocates and organizations to begin to address community concerns and the lack of any oversite in this matter.

  1. Repeal the Adoptions and Safe Family Act of 1997
  2. Full FBI investigation of CPS and Family Courts nationwide
  3. Regular audit of CPS and Family Court finances and end incentivization programs
  4. Prosecution of violators
    1. Penalties for CPS Workers and Adminnistrators who wrongly involve families in system
    2. Penalties for Minor's Councils who know families are wrongfully involved in system and fail to address or report it
    3. Compensation for wrongly involved families
  5. Transparency in CPS and Family Court -
    1. Open hearings unless requested by parties
    2. Mandatory recording of ALL CPS and Family Court interviews and hearings
  6. Legal accountability of CPS
  7. Third Party Citizen Review Committee
  8. Two to three weeks' notice on hearings unless the parties specifically agree to less
  9. Jury for determination hearings
  10. All court orders must be typed - no hand written orders to litigants


We called for a forum in 2016, where we would give CPS and the agencies that support it the opportunity to come meet the public, and explain how they operated and made decisions. The Director Of DHHS,Sherry Heller, refused to allow anyone of them to participate. So we then pushed for them to meet with our CPS/Family Court Committee instead, which they did.

In 2017 we had four meetings with Sac DHHS and Sac CPS Directors. At rhe first meeting there were directors of other agencies, end the then CEO of Court. During those meetings we discussed their operations and policies, and finances. An outline of what some of the things we discussed can be read here. We are writing a report to the community now to review the info we got from those meetings.

In 2018 we will continue focused contacts with officials and legislators on specific aspects of the problem and publish our findings and actions in a report. We intend to have a press conference and a public forum to discuss and present the report, and recruit people for actions.






The JRC Medical Advocates Group (JRC MAG), was formed to advocate for medical patient rights and address medical malfeasance . The group held a press conference to address issues of the medical abuse of women of color.. MORE













Upcoming events!


JRC workshops are free to members. It may from time to time require putting in for supplies to help make the class happen, but that is very nominal. For people and organizations outside of the JRC we have to ask a donation for the cause. We are a grassroots organization and we really understand how hard times are, but we run on donations and the more we get the more we can do. How much you donate is up to you.O CHECK HERE FOR WORKSHOP SCHEDULES.


courtwatchCourt Watch - In this workshop you'll learn what court - watching is about. You'll learn how to  do the court watch forms, what to look and listen for. You'll learn how to do an affidavit based on your form. Lastly you'll learn how to  note take without the forms. There is field work involved with this workshop in order to be certified as a court watcher. This workshop is open to all and is mandatory for people who want to do court watching. Court watching is one of the most important things we do. It makes sure that there is a third party eye watching the proceedings especially since court recorders are scarce in California Superior Courts. It's easy to do and has immediate impact.


How To Defend Yourself In Pro SE -

This is the essence of the JRC. Learning to defend yourself in court. It is broken up into several parts.


  1. How things really work (the real Justice System)
  2. Preparing yourself mentally
  3. Knowing your rights as a Pro Se litigant.
  4. Forms, documents, and pleadings
  5. Researching for your case
  6. Documenting your case
  7. FIling and Service


  1. Mediation
  2. Preparing for Court
  3. Understanding Court proceedings
  4. Conduct in Court
  5. Presenting your case
  6. Dealing with Attorneys


  1. Recusing a Judge
  2. Appeals

This workshop is open to all, and is reccommended for JRC Members and everyone we end up helping, and required for all JRC Advocates. This workshop is free to our members. Donations are accepted from all others. This is such a crucial workshop for the "pro se" movement. It will empower you to stand up and maintain yourself in court and help demystify the process. Because more and more people are being forced to handle their own cases we knew we had to offer this workshop and support this movement.



KNOW YOUR RIGHTS - This workshop is a collaboration with the Sac National Lawyer's Guild. An informed public is a powerful public and understanding your rights is the first step in attaining that power in this system. We at the JRC feel it is the obligation of every citizen to know their rights and how to excercise them. To maintain control of our system it is absolutely neccessary.



THE JURY AS OVERSIGHT - JUROR'S RIGHTS - The founders of this country realized from experience how corrupt and controlling the legal system topped by judges could become if allowed to go unchallenged. So, they wrote in the Jury as the final authority in the legal system. A group of regular citizens whose job is to make the final decision. It was also felt that decision needed to be unbiased based on facts and law, appropriate, fair, and above all unanimous. The Jury was given powers that over the years has been usurped by judges in this 90% plea based system we are dealing with today. But those powers are still on the books. Learn what they are and how they work in this important workshop.




MEETINGS ********

JRC GENERAL MEETING - Begining in January 2018 this meeting will happen four times a year. The actual dates will be announced here and in email announcements. Sign-up for email announcements here.

Committee meetings are scheduled regularly.

Community Congress Meetings





  1. Law Enforcement Accountability Group - Has been scrutinizing issues at the County Correctional facilities, especially the Sacramento Main Jail. This group deals with abuse in correctional facilities, and the rights of inmates and ex-inmates, and addressing mass incaceration, police brutality.
  1. Legal Advocacy Group -  Organizing and assisting people who have had their rights violated by the legal system, and confronting those officials and agencies who perpetrate the violations. Addressing police brutality and all law enforcement abuse. Gathering info and support for Federal law suit.
  1. Education Advocacy Team - Organizing and assisting students and their families with abuse in the Unified School Districts. Advocating for policy changes. Holding officials accountable. Identifying the issues and getting the data to the community. All building toward legal challenges of the educational systems. Especially as related to African American and Latino students, and children with disabilities -
  1. Community Congress - Based around the “Nguzo Saba”, the Community Congress is about community building and accountability. We strive to do things to bolster, teach, and protect our community, member by member. We are a forum for change. A think tank that follows its thoughts with action. Working toward meaningful change, and empowering the people.
  2. CPS/Family Law Coalition - Coalition of advocates and organizations dedicated to fighting and ending the corruption and abuse of our families by CPS and the Family Courts.
  3. JRC Lobby Group - Taking it to the politicians and legislature
  4. Winagain - Not your average Canabis advocacy group. Following the law and making our officials follow the law. Coordinator - Sioux Colombe

JRC SUPPORT GROUPS YOU CAN JOIN *********************

  1. Community Service Investigations (CSI)
  2. JRC Research Dept.
  3. Community Observer-
  4. Court Watch

You can make a difference!! Help us stop the abuse of our rights and people! If you feel you can handle being on the front line. or you want to support the efforts of those who are, Join us! Contact members@justicereformcoalition.org .





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"Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better,and the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph" 

H.I.M. Haile Selassie