For years we've thought, wouldn't it be great if we could get some journalist or news agency to really investigate our cases, and work along with us to really put a public spotlight on the crimes being committed by government agencies and officials under the color of law. But what would be even better is if we built and sponsored our own alternative, investigative news agency dedicated to doing just that. SO, that's what we decided to do. Thus was born the new JRC NEWS MEDIA GROUP aka JRC NEWS.

We knew we would need someone who would have the skills to help put it together, run it, and shared our passion for the truth and "equal Rights and Justice For All". Someone willing and wanting to put the time and energy in to make it happen. We offered the vision to several people, but they couldn't see it. Well, we've found someone who does see the vision. That person is Robert Hanson, our new media chair. He will be joined by some other like minded media folks to bring this new media enterprise to fruition.