Meeting Agendas - Report Outline **** 

  1. What do we want from this first meeting
    1. Establish the role of each of the participants organizations
      1. Their missions
      2. How they are related
      3. Services offered
        1. What’s offered
        2. When offered
        3. Who determines
        4. How determined
    2. Each organizations over sight process
      1. When does it come into play
        1. What initiates
        2. How initiated
        3. Who initiates
    3. Omsbudsman
      1. What is job
      2. What is authority under which operates
      3. What authority does Ombudsman have
      4. How is intervention
    4. CPS
    5. Intervention
      1. What is criteria for intervention
      2. Wat is criteria for removing children from home
        1. How is decision made
        2. Who makes decision
  2. What is your criteria for deciding which children are returned to parents or placed with family
  3. What’s the reason for child separation or separating siblings when adopted out?
    1. Who makes the determination
  4. What’s the protocol for adopting children out of county as opposed to adopting in the county where the children are born?
  5. What would be the reason to send a Court Investigator to a home that has been approved by a caseworker?
  6. What is process for returning kids after wrongful adoptions


  1. Services offered
    1. What’s offered
    2. When offered
    3. Who determines
    4. How determined
    5. Services Notes
      1. Multi services
        1. Not mandated
        2. 2yr old in Sac
      2. Required by law to keep children in home
        1. Sac has only early intervention drug court
          1. Stars Bridges program (peer counselling)
      3. Services not allowed under normal funding
        1. Reason why they are on "5yr waiver"
          1. 2yrs old
      4. CPS must demonstrate to the court that they have made every attempt to help family and keep children in home
  1. Quality Control
    1. What kind of quality control do you institute
    2. Who checks worker's work
    3. Worker qualification
      1. What are they
      2. Who checks
      3. Compliance
    4. How are complaints against employees handled
      1. Process of complaint
      2. Who handles complaints
    5. Quality Control Notes
      1. Fed requires
      2. Evaluate out
      3. Utilization of evidence based tools
        1. CPS to provide us with copy
      4. Independent review (75% accuracy)
      5. Beginning to do quality research
      6. A permanency placement reviews
      7. Supervisor review
      8. Fed Child & Family Service Reviews (new)


  1. Discipline
    1. What are the violations that CPS will discipline an employee for
      1. Such as abuse, and or
      2. inappropriate use of CPS policies, procedures, rules, practices, and guidelines?
    2. What is the "process" of the discipline
    3. Is it the same for each and every employee, regardless of their employment status?
    4. Which person and or department is involved in the process of the discipline
    5. What are grounds for dismissal of employees
      1. What is the process
    6. Employee turnover rate

**** The above outline is a look at what was discussed in the four meetings the JRC CPS/Family Court Group had with DHHS and CPS during 2017 and 2018. In 2019 we had several follow-up meetings where the JRC was invited to become a part of the new Community Brokers program, initiated by the new DHHS Division Chief of CPS, Kim Pearson, and to an over sight sounding board for CPS. The Covid pandemic has temporarily stalled these developments. We will publish our report to the community on CPS, comparing the information we got in those early meetings with our real time findings, on how things are now. The JRC's report to the community will appear here when it is ready.

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