Stop the trafficking in Children, and Family Destruction for Profits.

It says at the beginning of the California Welfare and institutions Code sections 300 - 400, that "It is the intent of the Legislature that nothing in this section disrupt the family unnecessarily or intrude inappropriately into family life". These are the codes which govern the Family and Juvenile Courts as well as Family Social Services, and the CPS. This is the basic and overriding tenant of conduct for the whole family law system in California. It is violated every hour of everyday by this system and CPS is the main "legal" tool used.

This is a reality that we of the Justice Reform Coalition know and live with all the time. It is a major focus point for our organization as it is 60% of all the cases that we look at and are asked to help with. Of those cases 80% at least involve CPS (Child Protective Services). The incentivized system of funding and reward, coupled with NO oversight, has developed into an organized criminal racket, of human trafficking of children. The unrestrained power given the CPS has given them the muscle to threaten, terrorize, coerce and harass families and parents into submission and compliance, and punish those who question the abuse. And it gets worse every year as greed and the need to keep their jobs with no oversight emboldens their criminal activity. Or as MOLLY MCGRATH, A DCF DIRECTOR IN BALTIMORE, MARYLAND calls it, "the child welfare industry"

The Baseline Federal Definition of Child Abuse or Neglect:
Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or an act or failure to act, which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.

Less than 20% of the families CPS entangles, fit in any of these categories. In fact the families that do fit tend to be the ones that CPS fails often ending in the death of the child.

The Justice Reform Coalition’s Executive Director, Rev. Ashiya Odeye’ said: “For far too long, CPS has terrorized numerous families with their kidnapping of children, lying, cheating, false claims of abuse, manufacturing false accusatory documents claiming parental harm towards a child, losing so-called factual documents accusing parents of negligence and harm towards their children, holding secret collusive meetings with officials prior to an accused parent’s hearing in court, and more.  There is no transparency, no oversight and no accountability throughout this process said, Rev. Odeye’.  Families and children are at the mercy of these child abusive groups.  CPS was supposed to help families and children, not destroy them.”

As child victimization has gone down the number of CPS referrals increases at more than twice the rate.

Victimization of families by CPS is at an all-time high even though actual child victimization in the U.S. has gone down and continues to drop. These referrals are resulting more and more in “forced adoptions”
Forced adoption is the practice by CPS, through the Courts, of the adoption of a baby or young child to strangers and away from their families, despite the opposition from a parent or close relative, who should legally and morally be considered when there is the need to place the children, and despite the federal mandate for biological placement, as clearly stated in the Adoptions and Safe Families Act, of

1997 signed by President Clinton. Forced adoption is illegal!! Especially since Title IV funding, tax credits, and multiple layers of funding granted thru the Federal adoption incentives which started with the Mondale Act of 1976, also known as Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA).
We are calling for massive reform of CPS and for them to voluntarily close down pending an investigation into their patterns and practices.
The coalition is protesting the egregious actions habitually taken by CPS for years in taking children from their families without merit and justification, the abuse of children while in the hands of CPS, the murder of numerous children due to CPS failure of oversight and accountability, and much more.


  1. Repeal the Adoptions and Safe Family Act of 1997
  2. Full FBI investigation of CPS and Family Courts nationwide
  3. Regular audit of CPS finances and end incentivization programs
  4. Legal accountability of CPS
  5. Penalties for CPS Workers and officials who wrongly involve families in system
  6. Prosecution of violators
  7. Transparency in Family Court - Open hearings
  8. Mandatory recording of ALL CPS and Family Court interviews and hearings
  9. Two to three weeks' notice on hearings unless the parties specifically agree to less
  10. Jury for determination hearings
  11. Compensation for wrongly involved families
  12. Return of children fraudulantly taken no matter when discovered
  13. Non-aligned independent Citizen Over-sight Committee
  14. All court orders must be typed - no hand written orders to litigants

If you or anyone you know has any issue with CPS or the Family Court like those previously mentioned contact us at:
Justice Reform Coalition
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