We have put together a platform with other advocates and organizations to begin to address community concerns and the lack of any oversite in this matter.

  1. Repeal the Adoptions and Safe Family Act of 1997
  2. Full FBI investigation of CPS and Family Courts nationwide
  3. Regular audit of CPS and Family Court finances and end incentivization programs
  4. Legal accountability of CPS
    1. Prosecution of violators
      1. Penalties for CPS Workers and Adminnistrators who wrongly involve families in system
      2. Penalties for Minor's Councils who know families are wrongfully involved in system and fail to address or report it
    2. Compensation for wrongly involved families
  5. Transparency in CPS and Family Court -
    1. Open hearings unless requested by parties
    2. Mandatory recording of ALL CPS and Family Court interviews and hearings
    3. Jury for determination hearings
  6. Citizen Review Over-Sight Committee for All CPS Cases
    1. Mandatory review of all cases before final rulings and decisions are out into effect
    2. Ability to over rule any and all decisions
  7. Two to three weeks' notice on hearings unless the parties specifically agree to less
  8. All court orders must be typed - no hand written orders to litigants

Instituting these changes will do a lot to greatly eleminate the abuse, slackness, bias, and corruption we see constantly in CPS cases.