We called for a forum in 2016, where we would give CPS and the agencies that support it the opportunity to come meet the public, and explain how they operated and made decisions. The then Director Of DHHS,Sherry Heller, refused to allow anyone of them to participate. So we then pushed for them to meet with our CPS/Family Court Committee instead, which they eventually did after some manuvering. The problems, failures, corruption, violation of law, and  violation of rights, by Child Protective Services (CPS), the Family Court, and the agencies connected with them, is well documented.

The trafficking of children, and the destruction of families, caused by these agencies, incentivized by racism and money, has become a multi-billion-dollar criminal conspiracy against the people of this nation. Hundreds of thousands of children and their families are unnecessarily and illegally caught up in this system.

The separating of "immigrant" children from their families at our border is disgusting, but pales in comparison to the number of U.S. children unnecessarily removed from their families every year.  A major part of the work of the Justice Reform Coalition has been helping victims of this system address these issues.

In 2017 the JRC began a series of meetings with the heads of CPS and the Department Of Heath and Human Services, as well as several of the aligned agencies, to address the issues and document these officials' reasons and responses to the well documented accusations of victims, organizations, advocates and the media. We had four meetings with Sac DHHS and Sac CPS Directors. At rhe first meeting there were directors of other agencies, and the then CEO of the Sacramento SuperiorCourt.

The goal of those meetings was to begin the real process of dialogue and resolution, and to give these agencies the opportunity to explain and address the concerns of the community; first in Sacramento, and on to the State. We offered several egregious cases that embodied all the complaints we have received and documented over the years. During those meetings we discussed their operations and policies, and finances. An outline of what some of the things we discussed can be read here. The primary over-arching problem with CPS and Family Court is the failure of the system to correct its mistakes and wrongdoings when they are exposed, offering only the excuse that a "legal" decision has been made and “nothing can be done". The effects on our communities is debilitating and well documented.

What these meetings showed us is that these officials were in denial, dismissive, and defensive. Even when they admitted a wrong was being done, they only offered excuses and platitudes; but no one would take responsibility for wrongful decisions and actions.

They pointed fingers at each other ultimately saying that once the Courts made their decisions and rulings, there was nothing that could be done to correct what had been done. This didn't work for us, and we were not going to go back to the community with that message. We knew we needed an "Agencies Meeting" of all the players in order to get the answers we wanted. The agencies’ often pointing fingers at each other, and no one taking any accountability or responsibility to do what's right because of the huge amounts of funding involved, made getting all the players in the room at the same time necessary and obvious to us, but had not been done before.

Over the years and during 2018, we were also engaging the Sac Board of Supervisors. The response from the BOS was "tepid", and dismissive, except for one brave and concerned Supervisor; Supervisor Don Nottoli. He was genuinely concerned and outraged at what we were telling and showing him. He has been an ally ever since, and has had some serious flak because of it.

In 2018 we continued focused contacts with officials and legislators on specific aspects of the problem. But when in July of 2018 the County Counsel confiscated the documents we had given to Supervisor Notolli and other Board members, it became obvious that we needed to address the BOS formally and on the record. We also knew that the only way we would get to the bottom of who is ultimately responsible, would be to get all the players in a room at the same time, and have that "Agencies Meeting". We asked Supervisor Nottoli to arrange for us to present our case before the BOS. He did.

So, on August 24, 2018, the JRC made a presentation before the Sac Board of Supervisors. We presented a position paper to them, Read the text, which was read by JRC Executive Director, followed by more info testimonies dealing with various aspects of the issues we were presenting. The gist of the presentations was "Crimes are being committed under cover of authority and law. If anyone but the government was involved, it would be considered human trafficking, as we consider it to be', and the demand for a meeting with all the agencies concerned, including the Courts. The outcome of this presentation was the BOS instructing Deputy County Exec, Bruce Wagstaff, to set up the meeting we asked for.

In November of 2018 we met with all the agencies involved with CPS and Family Court. JRC worked with Bruce Wagstaff to set up this meeting. Both he and Don Notolli were in attendance. Here is a list of Organizations and title of person in attendance.


County Executive Office, Interim Deputy County Executive

DCFAS, Director (DCFAS is formerly DHHS)

DCFAS, Acting Deputy Director, CPS

DCFAS, Division Chief, CPS

Assistant County Counsel

DCFAS, Acting Division Chief, CPS

Stanford Settement, Executive Director

Sacramento Superior Court, Supervisor


Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, District 5

Children’s Law Center of California, Executive Director

Children’s Law Center of California, Northern California Regional Director

Folks, these are the key players in the administration of CPS cases and their outcomes. They control ALL the other minor players like social workers, psychologists, counsellors, minor's counsels, commissioners, referees, judges, and anyone else that becomes part of the decision making admin process.

Our goal for this meeting was to establish who is ultimately responsible for the failures, mistakes, and wrong doings of CPS and Court officials in CPS cases, when they are found out, and what proceedures were in place to correct them, and how those processes were initiated. Also, what they planed to do about the community's complaints, and when. It was a very interesting meeting. Some key info not generally known to the public came out. We will release our report to the community about this meeting soon.

In February of 2019 we were introduced to the new Director of CPS, Kim Pearson, who appeared to truly be interested in the issues we had brought up during the November 2018 meeting. She was interested in working with us on these issues and thus our CPS PArtnership program was born. The first meeting was held in November 2019. We discussed our expectations for working with CPS and we were introduced to the Community Broker Program she had brought to Sac CPS. In December 2019 we met with the COmmunity Brokers and it was decided that our JRC committee members would also take the training process the CB's took as part of our partnership with CPS. Then the Covid pandemic hit.

In 2020 we were supposed to start the CB training, but this was delayed because od the pandemic. We have been staying contact with Kim Pearson, and we are figuring out how we will move forward with our partneship plans. We'll let folks know how things go. In August of 2020 we began our move to our Legislative program. In September we had the first meeting with key legislative staff members. We are preparing a begining report for themfor our next meeting, and will follow-up info here about our progress.

Aluta Continua!!