Suzanne Brooks, group co-chair and JRC Women's Affairs Chair, and former patient of Mercy Medical Group and Mercy San Juan Hospital, has filed civil and criminal complaints against Mercy San Juan Hospital, Dr. Wiley Fowler, Dr. Javid Javidan and 20 et al for failing to adhere to the surgical plan they made with her and 6 doctors during 6 months of consultation, examinations, tests and discussion during which she asked to have a cyst removed. Instead, the doctors removed all her ovaries and falopian tubes in violation of the agreement and their promises. This is all too common in our hospitals. Especially with the arrogance of a lot of medical professionals, and their laissez-faire attitude, an "god" complexes. With hospitals being run by corporations whose down line is profit not people, and who collude with authorities to deny victims of their rights and financial compensation, the issue of medical malfeasance (Malpractice and Battery), continues to be a major problem.

The JRC Medical Advocates Group (JRC MAG), was formed to advocate for medical patient rights and address medical malfeasance . The group has held a press conference to address issues of the medical abuse of women of color, helped to over-see the treatment of several people, and is actively working with several law suits now pending against major health corporations.